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A beautiful game. We enjoyed it very much. Would love some more leves and story. Great work!

Really nice game, looking forward to playing the fully version.  

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Jump needs some heavy retweaking, I found it almost untenable on gamepad. Pretty tho <3 

I enjoyed playing this game at the end of last year, as the story was laced throughout the game, alongside the unique mechanic of taking life and giving life to various plants throughout each level.

There appears to be a bug that prevents the player from jumping onto a platform/holding onto the edge of a platform while on the ground, but that was easily overcome after a few tries, while the first chase sequence was very skewed towards making the player believe they cannot make it, until they do, so good job on making that part a narrow escape :)

All in all, although the game ends on a cliffhanger, I look forward to playing the sequel in which we get to explore the worlds being governed by the other Guardians/Gods :)

This is basically an ori and the blind forest clone

Really Nice!

The feels T_T

This was a beautifully amazing game! I almost feel bad I covered this for my channel, because I feel like this is an experience you should go into blind. 

But, I uh...totally did that >.>

Hey there, I played your game and made a video on it, i couldnt finish it cause i got stuck and couldnt figure out what to do or how to get past the point cause i had enough energy but it wouldnt let me past the door, also, it might be me but i was using a controller at some points i was pushing up to get on the ledges but it just wouldnt work out for me but all in all i really enjoyed the game and really love the artstyle of it, it is really interesting! =]

This game was so much fun to play. I enjoyed the art style and the simple but extravagent story line. The music fitted every scene perfectly and the intro was incredible. Hope you guys dont mind but I made a video on this game for my channel and I cant wait for the next one! :)

Wow, What a great little game. I played it in the early hours and something made we want to complete the game, i'm not sure what it was but it was defo worth playing.

thanks Devs



Cool concept, made a video playing, embarrassing myself and giving mah thoughts on the game!

Keep it up<3

So I was a little torn on this, in very sense this is an amazing work of art. The environments, the music, the voice acting, and the intro especially. But it's not a fantastic game. I go pretty in-depth about my thoughts at the end of the video, but for those on the team who are making games for the first time, this is an amazing first step. Keep up the hard work and hone your craft!

Nice work with EW. I hope you get to continue building up this universe. :)